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          No unnecessary time or money should ever be spent on a case.


  • Alberta, 2016

Areas of Practice:

  • Corporate

  • Employment

  • Construction

  • Litigation

  • Debt Recovery

  • Arbitration

  • Mediation


  • English

  • French


Having successfully transitioned from articling student to associate, Russell works with a cross section of valued clients.

He has appeared before all levels of the courts litigating across multiple practice areas including estate litigation, employment law, shareholder disputes, corporate litigation, municipal law, and construction law.


Russell takes time to ensure clients understand the process, costs, emotional toll and potential outcomes of a case before he begins work on a file. When he does begin, Russell is able to contribute to the legal discussion immediately. He does not get mired in the theoretic legal argument; he is pragmatic, persistent. His client-focused approach results in regular and extensive reporting to his clients.


Russell is a Sessional Instructor in the Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Calgary. Since 2016, he has assisted and eventually replaced our founder Bob Schuett in delivering, every Fall, a course in Construction Contract Law and Documents. Local members of the construction industry including architects, engineers, contract administrators, and owner/operators attend this course.


Year-round, Russell gets out on the weekends to hike and ski in the mountains or play squash, recreational soccer, and ultimate closer to home. As a soccer coach with the Dalhousie Community Association he has inspired his three daughters to join the sport he loves.


Russell is a former teacher passionate about bilingual learning. To instill this in his family, he intends to enroll his children in Spanish Immersion schools.

Watch the above clip of Russell.

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